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Sweet Dee


Our story starts with a remarkable little girl named Sweet Dee. Sweet Dee is a rescued pitbull type dog that was adopted out of a local Connecticut animal control facility.  Sweet Dee lived at the shelter for about three months and had many visitors, but no one ever took her home. Time was running out. Perhaps it was because of her injured leg. Maybe people thought she would be too much of an investment. One day, Sweet Dee had another visitor, and like the others, she came and went. Two days later, something amazing happened! The visitor who had come to see her came back and took her home! The road would be a tough one to get her into good shape, and after multiple surgeries, which ultimately resulted in a leg amputation, Dee was better than ever! She was so happy that someone saw what a great pup she was and took a chance on her! She finally had a loving home! One little dog, who almost no one wanted, became an inspiration to contribute in showing just how great not only pitbull type dogs are, but how much potential neglected, abused, or injured shelter pets have. Shelter pets deserve a chance to be adopted and loved despite their medical needs. Sweet Dee's Beauty Parlour works every day to support CT shelters, rescues, and organizations to help the animals in their care receive the supplies and veterinary care that they need!



Sweet Dee's Original Petfinder photo

Sweet Dee's Beauty Parlour is a full service salon...for humans. We carry and utilize only cruelty free products. We are also a vegan friendly salon. Best of all...we donate a percentage of our service totals monthly to a local Connecticut animal shelter, rescue, or advocacy organization. We are "hair" for a cause! 

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