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Have you Registered to participate in our Art for Animals Event? Kludde has!

We aren't kidding! Meet Kludde who is all the way from Virginia! Kludde and his wonderful mom, Melissa Stagnaro, have signed him up as a participant in our Art for Animals Show and Auction. This event will benefit the Wolcott Dog Pound and will take place on Saturday October 14th, here at Sweet Dee's!

Here is his bio:

Kludde (pronounced clue-d) is a six year old Dutch Shepherd dog. He comes from a well known police kennel in the Netherlands and is my competition dog. We do protection sports, tracking, searching, jumping, and for fun --- painting. Kludde usually paints in the shower since he is an enthusiastic painter and sometimes paints off canvas too. He started painting in early 2016 and his technique is maturing. Kludde has produced twenty law enforcement dogs to date with a few more currently going through academies.

When we aren't painting we are preparing for the next competition - the hardest ones coming up are the level two search and rescue competition and more protection titles in a new (for us) venue - Protection Sports Association.

Check out his videos on YouTube by typing "Kludde paints".

Super Kludde Achievements:

French Ring 3, Mondioring 3, Protection Sports Association 1, Tracking 3, Stoberprufung 3, Rettungshunde 1, Companion Dog, breed champion, Excellent Handler Discrimination, Ultimate Jumper, Super Elite, Sonic, and Top Gun Dock dog.

Want to see Kludde in Action? Check out his youtube video! If you want to see what Kludde has painted for us...your going to have to come to our event! You can have an original Kludde Painting if the bid is right! Go Kludde!!! You can register for our event here!

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